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*Please take note that we can only admit one Oral presentation and a maximum of 2 posters per registration.


Guidelines for abstracts presentation

The deadline for abstract submission is April 30th

Abstracts are required for all presentations: oral or poster.

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Program Committee.

Preferred oral presentation can be changed to a poster presentation because of time constraints in the program.

Authors will be notified by email no later than end of May whether their abstract has been accepted or not and regarding acceptance as an oral or poster presentation.

The maximum word count of the text is 250  (excluding title, author names & addresses). If longer than 250 words, the abstract text won’t be saved.  

Abstracts must be submitted through the abstract submission portal Abstracts sent by e-mail, fax, post, etc. will not be taken into consideration.

Please follow the guidelines below for abstract preparation.

Abstract Preparation

First section - Title and presentation type                                                    

  • Capitalise first letter of title and proper nouns (Sentence case. Do not capitalize the entire title. Please keep it as short as possible ( <115 characters ).

Second section - Theme

Third section – Authors and affiliations                                                           

  • Authors listed as “Last name, First name”. Please spell out the first names of all authors. The presenting author must be listed the first in the list of authors.

Fourth section – Abstract text

  • Abstract should be written as one paragraph only, 250 words maximum.
    Tables, figures, graphics, images, symbols, bold and cursive letter must be not included, the abstract should contain only plain text.
    The abstract body must not include any indication of the personal details of authors. Avoid also reference to institutions, locations or funding sources. Abstracts of unfinished researches will not be evaluated.
    Abstract must include the following sections: Purpose in one brief sentence, materials- methods-approach, results in maximum three sentences and conclusions.