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To further promote scientific exchange, the organizers would like to invite proposals for symposia, which can include formats such as standard 15-minute talks, panel discussions, and speed-talks. The choice of format and topics to be included shall be at the discretion of the symposium organizer. Each symposium should be incorporated as at least one session in the conference schedule.

Deadline for proposals : 30th April

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Branchiopod biology, ecology, and conservation.

Organiser: D. Christopher Rogers

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This minisymposium is open to all aspects of biology, ecology, behaviour, evolution, genetics, systematics, morphology, and conservation of the fairy shrimp, tadpole shrimp, clam shrimp and water fleas.


Organiser: Dr. Guiomar Rotllant and Dr. Ferran Palero

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This minisymposium is open to studies using new sequencing techniques to make inferences on physiology, reproduction, ontogeny, growth, ecology, evolution and systematics of crustaceans.